Onboarding & Operations

Guided onboarding workflows for middle-office, operations and compliance teams combined with automated onboarding, document completion and digital execution for investors.

Software for investor onboarding and compliance workflow management combined with guided investor onboarding & digital signing tools.  


Set Up Custom Workflows for Investor Onboarding


Guided Investor Onboarding Experience


Subscription Document Completion & Automation


Industry Standard Document Execution via Docusign Integration


Collaboration Tools for Investors, Fund Managers, Fund Admins & Legal Counsel


Investor KYC / AML Documents & Workflows


Regulatory Accreditation Checks


Compliance Controls & Records

KYC / AML Workflows

Easily onboard investors & perform KYC / AML checks

  • Capture investor details during the onboarding process
  • Allow investors to upload required KYC / AML documentation via the Investor Portal
  • Permit middle-office teams to review, flag and approve KYC / AML documents
  • Optional logins for your 3rd party service providers e.g. fund admins and legal counsel

Regulatory Compliance

Investor accreditation & marketing compliance

  • Configure regulatory accreditation user journeys based investor country, investor categories (e.g. MiFID Professional Investor in the E.U. and Qualified Purchasers in the USA)
  • Set restrictions for excluded countries & investor types
  • Maintain regulatory records of marketing compliance

Subscription Documents

Integrated subscription processing

  • Investors can complete subscriptions on paper or digitally, as they prefer
  • Effortless digital subscriptions for investors as documents are pre-populated with investors’ details
  • Integrated workflows for processing, checking and approving subscription documents across operations teams, legal counsel and fund admins

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