Portfolio Management & Value Creation

Easily track, analyze and report on the performance of your portfolio companies & investments.

An out-of-the-box portfolio monitoring, business intelligence and value creation tool for private markets.


Centralized Monitoring of Portfolio Data


Collect Financials, KPIs and ESG Data


Asset & Security-level Cashflows & Returns Calcs


Flexible Data Entry via Excel Plugin, Uploads & Direct Input


Automated Data Collection from Portfolio Companies


Track & Approve Portfolio Data Submissions


Visualize portfolio data through dashboards & charts


One-click Portfolio Analytics (by Geography, Sector etc.)


Set & Manage Value Creation Initiatives


Integrated Reporting to Investors


Scenario Analysis & Returns Modelling

Portfolio Data Metrics

Track your Portfolio Companies’ Key Metrics

  • Centralized tracking of individual company /asset-level portfolio data
  • Monitor key metrics including financials, KPIs and ESG data
  • Automated workflows to enable efficient collection of portfolio metrics and data on a periodic basis
  • Analyze your investment performance at the asset, fund, portfolio and firm level

Portfolio Dashboards

Unlock Insights on your Portfolio through Dynamic Dashboards and Analytics

  • Out-of-the-box portfolio data analytics and visualization functionality
  • Gain insights by analyzing and comparing data across your companies, assets and funds
  • Easily aggregate financial, KPI and ESG metrics across assets and funds
  • Create custom dashboards, reports and charts relevant to your firm

Asset-level Returns

Calculate Asset-level Valuations and Returns

  • Perform valuations of assets in a fund / portfolio
  • Automatic and error-free returns calculations
  • Track valuations and returns over time

Integrated Investor Reporting

Report your Portfolio Data to Investors at the Click of a Button

  • Share asset-level performance data with your investors
  • Provide engaging charts, descriptions and performance information on your portfolio to investors
  • Seamless integration with your Investor Portal allows you to do this at the click of a button

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