Deal & Relationship Management

Proactively manage your dealflow, amplify your relationships, streamline deal pipeline management and increase collaboration across your firm. 


Single Source of Truth


CRM to track deals and relationships


Firmwide view of contacts, deals & companies


Better collaboration & transparency


Simple Dealflow Management


Real time and Forward-Looking Deal Pipelines


Surface key deal sources and relationships

Deal Pipelines

Track and manage workflows for all current deals

  • Monitor all the deals being worked on across your firm in real-time
  • Manage deal-related workflows and processes
  • Surface information about key relationships
  • Optimize your deal sourcing engine and network of contacts via analytics

Deal Watchlists

Never forget about upcoming deals and your best investment ideas

  • Proactively manage your deal pipeline by tracking future deals and investment ideas
  • Reminders to ensure that top investment ideas stay on your radar
  • Collaboration tools help ensure that all your firm’s resources are geared towards building a strong deal sourcing engine

Deal CRM

Build institutional memory through a single source of truth across your firm

  • A firmwide database of all your contacts, companies, deals and relationships
  • Build your institutional memory and pool of data by logging notes, calls and meetings¬†
  • Reduce manual data entry by automatically capturing key email conversations¬†

Use the latest tech to streamline your business

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