Fund Formation Legal Counsel / Advisors

The alternatives industry has been growing at a tremendous pace with record fundraising, investment activity and investor interest across private equity, VC / growth equity, impact, credit and real estate asset classes. 

Growth in the industry has brought its own set of unique opportunities and challenges for service providers and fund formation legal counsel. e.g. scale, operational efficiency, client satisfaction, workflow optimization, ESG, compliance, big data etc.       

Modern technology and software can help capitalize on these opportunities in an efficient and scalable manner.  

Atominvest provides fund formation legal counsels’ with modern, purpose-built software to support their businesses. Our modular software can enable efficient client servicing with functionality for efficient and digital investor subscriptions, automated document navigation and flexible onboarding workflows. 

Software Solutions for Fund Formation Legal Counsels


Our investor digital subscription and onboarding software can support seamless completion & digital execution of complex 100 page+ subscription documents, and support customized workflows for document submission, internal approvals etc. across the investor, fund manager, legal counsel and fund admins.

Our software is natively integrated with Docusign, the world’s leading provider of e-signature solutions, to provide robust digital document execution capabilities.

Enhance the investor subscription and onboarding experience and streamline internal processes & workflows to efficiently onboard of new investors using our software.


Digital Investor Subscriptions & Onboarding Workflows

Digitial Subscription &  Investor Onboarding workflows

Enterprise Ready

Tools and plugins to seamlessly integrate into your current setup & processes  

Outlook Plugin | Excel Plugin | Bulk Uploads & Downloads | Single Sign On | User Permissioning | Enterprise Grade Security 

Integrated with

Software Solutions for Fund Managers (Your Clients)


Fund formation legal counsel often provide strategic advice to their clients (fund managers) on the optimal organizational and operational set up of their fund management business. This may involve providing guidance and recommendations to fund managers on fund structuring, technology, investor management tools, ESG,  etc.  

Atominvest’s software can also power fund managers’ businesses via integrated fund and investor management software with functionality spanning fundraising datarooms, investor portals, portfolio management and ESG tracking.

Fundraising Datarooms

Engaging fundraising datarooms & investor portals

Investor Relations CRM

Investor contact & relationship management, fundraising and analytics 

Portfolio Management

Easily collect portfolio data, manage value creation & unlock insights

ESG / Impact

Track portfolio ESG and maximize Impact  

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